Listing Services

EH_logo3As an independent real estate agent working under the Exclusive Homes Realty brokerage, Joe has the latitude to negotiate and offer various services and commission structures. Don’t let one of the agents from a large national brokerage lead you to believe there is a “standard commission” because all commissions are negotiable. As a matter of fact, the Texas Real Estate License Act says that all commissions are negotiable. A specific company might have a “standard commission”, but it’s not because it’s an industry standard.

Sorry, but commissions charged by Exclusive Homes aren’t posted online for several reasons. Primarily each property is different and each client has different expectations when it comes to Realtor® services, so it’s just not feasible to post a one size fits all commission online.  Long story short, there are many factors which must be carefully considered and evaluated when listing a home for sale.

Price & Location
Price and location have the largest impact on whether a home will or will not sell. Obviously we can’t change the location of a property, so deciding on a price to ask for the property is very important. Joe will typically perform a Comparative Market Analysis and give you a fair market value range. It’s up to you the client to decide if you want to list for top dollar and patiently wait for a buyer, or list for a lower price and likely find a buyer in a shorter period of time. The decision about listing price isn’t an exact science and you will find that homes sell for more or less than fair market value each day. This is what causes the overall fair market value to rise and fall over longer periods of time.

Professional Photography
When needed, a professional real estate photographer can be hired to take photos of the home for marketing purposes. Of course this decision would need to be made at the time the Listing Agreement was signed. Professional photography is great to use when a home is priced at fair market value and there are numerous other similar homes in the same area priced at about the same price.

These days most home buyers start searching for their next home online and use the photos to decide which homes they tell their Realtor® they want to see. If the photos are quality appealing photos, your home obviously stands a better chance of being shown. People don’t typically don’t buy homes sight unseen, so it’s has to show in order for it to sell! NO SHOWINGS = NO SALE!

For an example of how much of a difference professional photographs can make, feel free to visit the Home Snappers Web Site. Joe has used the service before and has found they offer a quality service for a reasonable price.

Centralized Showing Service
Joe will hire a company called Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to manage the showing of your home by other Realtors®. You the client gets to decide exactly when the home should be available to be shown and that information is relayed to CSS. Realtors® will call CSS to schedule the showing and CSS will then notify you via text message, email or a phone call. If a time comes up when your home isn’t available to be shown, then a simple phone call to CSS is all that’s required. Another important part of the CSS service is feedback. Often times Realtors® will provide feedback about what his or her client’s liked or didn’t like about your home. That information can then be shared with you. Sometimes it will give you ideas of how to better prepare you home for the next possible buyer that walks through the door.

Multiple Listing Service
Joe subscribes to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is an outstanding tool to market your home to thousands of other Realtors® who also subscribe to the service. Additionally, the MLS syndicates their data to other third party real estate related websites such as Zillow, Trulia and

Open House
The idea of having an Open House is somewhat of an outdated concept. With that said, if a client insists, an open house can be scheduled. The Open House concept was much more useful and effective before the advent of the internet. Prior to the internet the only real way for a person to see inside your home was to go inside and look. Nowadays buyers can look at photos online to see what you home looks like. Additionally, most serious home buyers have Realtors® and will use the Realtor® to schedule an appointment to show them the home. The dirty little secret about Open Houses is that the person that primarily benefits from the Open House is the Realtor®. Open Houses are a great way for a Realtor® to develop more clients, but it’s very unlikely that a qualified buyer that likes your home is going to walk through the door. It happens, but it’s very rare. Typically a Realtor likes to make sure a client is a legitimate qualified buyer before allowing clients to walk through your home, unlike who might walk through your home during an Open House.

Marketing and advertising of real estate for sale is another thing that has really changed over the past 20 years or so. Prior to the Internet, newspaper sales were much, much higher. Buyers that wanted to buy real estate almost always went to the classifieds of a newspaper and look at all of the homes for sale. Real estate agents routinely placed information about his/her listings in the newspaper. These days very few people look to the newspaper and spending money to advertise there has very limited results. The level of marketing and advertising is another topic that is discussed with clients prior to signing a Listing Agreement. If the client wants to spend extra money on newspaper advertising, then listing information can be put in the newspaper classifieds. As previously mentioned, the Multiple Listing Service syndicates listings to numerous third party real estate websites that are available to the general public. Advertising via the Internet is the most economical way to reach the most people.

Digital Signing Process
In order to make the selling process as convenient as possible for clients, I use two different signing services. They are DocuSign and Digital Ink. By using these services, clients are able to sign documents on their computer. No longer do we have to meet in person for signatures, unless that’s what the client wants! No longer do clients have to cancel vacations or travel plans in order to sell their homes.

Personalized Service
It has recently come to my attention that I offer something that many agents no longer offer. If I’m your Listing Agent, YOU GET ME! I’m not associated with a “team of Realtors and office staff.” I have heard stories about some clients having difficulty contacting their Realtor. When you call my phone number, you speak to me. Not some secretary or office staff that has to take a message. When you list your home with me, I ENTER YOUR LISTING IN THE MLS. This is important to understand because some agents depend on others to enter their MLS data. There is nobody that is going to care more than me about your listing and getting it entered on the MLS the correct way. I get the information entered in a timely manner and you would never hear me telling you that I gave the listing info to someone else and it’s sitting on her desk waiting to be entered. I also encourage my clients to participate in the listing process. You will be given the chance to provide highlights about your home that you would like entered into the MLS listing.

During the time that your home is on the market, you will have my cell phone number and will be able to text me, email me or call me whenever you need to. I don’t stop answering the phone at 5PM / Mon-Friday.

* This page is a work in progress! Check back for more information soon!